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Politics / Senate Passes Reordered 2019 Poll Bill, 59 Senators Oppose Move by Dandy: 02:11 am On 2 Feb
Senators, on Wednesday, were divided over the reordered sequence of the 2019 General Elections.

Recall that the reordered sequence puts the presidential election last.

The Independent National Electoral Commission had, before now, put the presidential election among the first elections to be conducted in February 2019.

On Wednesday, the report on the election sequence was submitted for consideration of the Senate by the Chairman of the Senate Committee on INEC, Suleiman Nazif.

After the presentation of the report, Senate President Abubakar Bukola Saraki did not allow senators to make contributions to the amendment, a development that led to series of Points of Orders on the floor of the Red Chamber.

Senators such as Kabiru Gaya, Abdulahi Adamu and Adamu Ailero, had raised points of orders on the passage of the bill.

But the Senate President ruled the lawmakers out of order and when some lawmakers observed the position of their leadership on the matter, they left the chamber,

Fifty-nine of them were to later address the Senate Press Corps, insisting on their opposition to the reordering of the elections.


General School News / Ui Comprehensive Admission List & Acceptance Fee Payment Notice, 2017/2018 by nazeal(m): 10:45 am On 2 Feb
UI Comprehensive Admission
List & Acceptance Fee
Payment Notice, 2017/2018

University of Ibadan Admission News
This is to inform all candidates who have
been offered provisional admission in the
2017/2018 UTME / Direct Entry admission
exercise that the admission list is now
available on the admission portal of the
candidates on
Candidates who have accepted / printed
their letters of admission are advised to pay
a non-refundable acceptance fee of Thirty-
Five Thousand Naira only (N35, 000.00)
using the approved payment mode.

The payment portal will open from Tuesday,
13 February 2018 to 6 March 2018.

Candidates whose admission has been
approved, but yet to be accepted are
advised to proceed to Jamb Portal to accept
the offer on CAPS. They cannot pay the
acceptance fee until they have accepted and
printed their admission letters.
Information on clearance will be released in
due course.



JAMB / Jamb Gives Candidates With Registration Pins 24hrs To Complete Registration by nazeal(m): 08:09 am On 2 Feb
The Joint Admission and Matriculation
Board (JAMB) has disclosed that candidates
who have purchased their PINS but are yet
to register have just twenty four (24) hours
to do so before the registration portal
finally closes for 2018 UTME.

While disclosing this in Abuja, the Head of
Information, Dr. Fabian Benjamin, noted
that it would not entertain any complaints
from candidates who fail to complete their
registration exercise.

He said the extension applied to candidates
who had initiated registration processes
and had paid and procured the registration
e-pins but could not register at the closed
of sales.

He mentioned that a total of 1,662,818
candidates purchased the 2018 UTME
form while 1,650,547 had successfully
registered for the 2018 UTME.

Share this post to others to get them informed and always check for update
about school news..

Stories/Gist / Febuary 14 --- A Short Story by nazeal(m): 07:06 am On 2 Feb
A short piece by NazeaL.
Love they say is like rubber band held
at both ends by two people. When
one releases it, it hurts the other. This
was a case of Uncle Jimi, one of the
big brothers I had in the
neighborhood back in Agege. Preye
and I do go to his room to watch
teletubies, silver hawk, Scooby doo
and the likes. But there is this sister
that did come to visit him then.
Whenever this sister visited
irresistibly, Uncle Jimi would send us
out. It was after, I realized she was
Uncle Jimi’s girlfriend, Mosunmola
who was reckoned with as an
epitome of beauty, however no
wonder Uncle Jimi did whistle and
dance to Style Plus’ “Olufunmi” song
whenever he was preoccupied in the
As the dictum goes, Love is Foolish,
isn’t it? I was young, naïve and never
knew what love truly means but from
Ramsey Noah & Genevieve Nnaji’s
movie, I got to know something like
an emotional attachment to someone
do exist.
February 14 2006! I just came back
from school and as usual, Preye and I
went to Uncle Jimi’s room to get our
afternoon tonic. I could see he was
exhilarated and getting dressed to go
out. Its Valentine day he said to us. He
left us to watch our cartoon then he
went out.
Two hours later, Uncle J. came back
looking gloomy. He looks like he had
been crying along the way. He
continued crying on his bed and I
couldn’t help but to walk up to him.
Uncle J, what’s wrong? I inquired
He still continued crying. While
sobbing, he said, “I left here some
hours ago to take Mosunmola out for
Valentine. It was a surprise so I didn’t
tell her about it before. Getting to her
place, I caught her with another guy
on her bed. He said soberly and
bursted into another round of tears
I couldn’t understand what he really
said but I knew what happened to
him was so hard to bear.
Its okay Uncle J. was all I could say.
After crying for minutes, he stood up
and was about to put off his shoes
when he fell. We ran to where he was
and we could see he was grinning in
pains and holding a part of his chest
whispering Mosun! Mosun!! Until he
passed out.
With the aid of other neighbors who
came around, we rushed him to Rekki
Two days later, Uncle J died of Cardiac
arrest. There is an adage in Yoruba
that says, “A man who dies because of
a girl, ten thousand of girls will walk
pass his grave”
If you get heartbroken this day, kindly
take it in good fate. A word, the elders
do say is enough for the wise who
cares to put it to a good use.
Ghandi_Therapy to such a good fate:
In all your dealings, practice emotional
control. Affections often embarked
upon by obsession are ill-productive
rather, it leaves you stranded after the
drunkenness of such experience must
have lost hold on you.
Do everything in moderacy but not in
the fantasy that there isn’t any
obstacle, no matter how little will get
in the seemingly hitch free journey of
your relationships. Love is love only
when you are emotionally fit to
withstand all that comes with it.
Everything is risky.
Hence, relationship isn’t compulsory.


Joke / Re: Valentine -- Do You Care Or Not by Kingsolomon: 06:23 pm On 2 Feb
nazeal:It's Obvious some people don't care about tomorrow's Val...

Are you one of them??

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Yes i care

Joke / Valentine -- Do You Care Or Not by nazeal(m): 05:45 pm On 2 Feb
It's Obvious some people don't care about tomorrow's Val...

Are you one of them??

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Entertainment / An Inspirative Story For All by nazeal(m): 05:36 pm On 2 Feb

A couple had been married for several years
without a child. For the purpose of
companionship, they bought a Rottweiler
puppy, named it miley and loved her like a
The dog had access to all the rooms in the
house. The puppy grew to become a large,
beautiful dog and had on several occasions
saved the couples from robbery. Miley was
always faithful, loyal and defended its
owners against many dangers.
Seven years later, the couple was blessed
with the long awaited son. They were very
happy with their son and naturally
decreased the attention they had given to
the dog. Miley felt neglected and began to
get jealous of the baby.
One day the couple left the baby sleeping
peacefully in his cradle and went to the
terrace to prepare a roast. They were
shocked as they were heading to the
nursery and saw miley in the hallway with a
bloody mouth, wagging its tail.
The dog's owner thought the worst, they
pulled out weapons and began to beat the
dog they had loved for many years... after so
much beating, they killed the dog... then they
rushed to the baby's room, there was blood
everywhere and blood dripping from the
baby's cot... they slowly walked to the cot
and found a beheaded snake very close to
the baby.
Miley killed the snake...
Then they realized they had butchered an
innocent dog who was faithful to its death...


How often have we misjudged people
without finding out facts.

How easy do you give up on those who are
faithful to you?

What the heart sees is far greater than what
the eye see...

Never judged people by thier looks, present
situation and present life style...

Most of us judge people by what we expect
them to be... without finding out who they
really are...

Not everyone can relate to you exactly what
they feel and how they feel about you!!

How I wish miley could talk... she would
have expressed her love for her owners

The next time we are tempted to judge and
condemn anyone remember the story of a
faithful dog, MILEY



Federal University of Technology, Owerri / Futo New Registration Deadline 2017/2018 Announced by Kingsolomon: 12:12 pm On 2 Feb
Following passionate appeals by the Student Union Government, the Vice-Chancellor has magnanimously approved on behalf of the Senate, an extension of the deadline for payment of fees and registration for 2017/2018 Academic Session up to February 15th, 2018.

Students who are yet to pay fees and register are advised to avail themselves of the opportunity of the extension or run the risk of paying late registration fees or withdrawing voluntarily from the 2017/2018 Academic session.




Federal University of Technology, Owerri / Futo Pre-degree Registration Procedure - 2017/2018 by Kingsolomon: 12:10 pm On 2 Feb
The management of Federal University of Technology, Owerri has released the registration details for all newly admitted Pre-Degree students of the university for the 2017/2018 Academic Session.

The details are as follows



Visit the University website “”

Click on the link “Portal”

Click on “Pre-degree” and then “Confirm Admission Status”

Enter your Application number.

Click on submit button to confirm your admission status

Enter your “email address” and click on “Update”

Get the Account Notification slip bearing your login details with your Application Number as the default username and Password.

a. Change password

Enter your username and password and click on the Login

Click on change password to change your password.

Enter the default password and the new password, confirm the new password.

Click change password
b. Profile

Click the profile details menu

Confirm and Print the Student profile information page

Click on the link “Acceptance”, enter your email address and then submit to generate your payment invoice.

Print your payment invoice containing the RRR code and proceed to any bank for payment.

Alternatively, you can make payment using the online payment options with credit/debit cards such as Verve, Visa, MasterCards.

Note: You must ensure a payment invoice is generated on the portal for the online payment option.

After successful payment in a bank, return to the portal and log in with your account details to print FUTO your Acceptance receipt.

Login to the portal with your username and password

Click on “School Fees”, then submit to generate your payment invoice

Print your payment invoice containing the RRR code and proceed to any bank for payment.

Alternatively, you can make payment using the online payment options with credit/debit cards such as Verve, Visa, MasterCards.
Note: You must ensure a payment invoice is generated on the portal for the online payment option.

After successful payment in bank, return to the portal and log in with your account details to print FUTO pre-degree fee e-receipt

Print your Pre-Degree Registration number

Click the Hostel menu, click on Generate to select Hostel Type

Select the desired hostel and click the submit button to generate your payment invoice

Print your payment invoice and proceed to FUTO MICRO FINANCE bank for payment.

After successful payment in a bank, return to the portal, log in and print FUTO Hostel allocation e-receipt.

News / Re: Jerusalem: Israel, Hezbollah May Go Into War In 2018 by Dandy: 12:58 am On 2 Feb
kingsolomon:Former U.S. Secretary of Defence Robert Gates on Tuesday warned that there might be an all-out war between Israel and Lebanon’s Iran-backed Shiite militia Hezbollah in 2018 following the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by U.S. President Donald Trump. He made the remarks at the one-day annual Arab Strategy Forum held in Dubai in its 10th edition.

An Israeli border policeman looks on as he walks through tear gas fumes during clashes with Palestinian protesters near an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank city of Ramallah on December 10, 2017, following the US president’s controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. New protests flared in the Middle East and elsewhere over US President Donald Trump’s December 6 declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a move that has drawn global condemnation and sparked days of unrest in the Palestinian territories. / AFP PHOTO Gates said as Hezbollah had helped the Syrian regime defeat the Islamic State (IS) group, “this might encourage the militia to step up attacks on Israel.” Gates, who served under the two U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, said Israel in return might feel that “Hezbollah becomes a problem to deal with”. Hezbollah has been supporting the Syrian regime under President Bashar al-Assad in its fight against IS and other militia groups in Syria through sending fighters and weapons. In the summer of 2006, Hezbollah and Israel fought a 34-day war and have since exchanged sporadic fire along the Lebanese-Israeli border. Gates said he expects the tension to rise between Shiite Iran and Saudi-led Sunni Arab states “as Iran continues in trying to increase its influence and meddling across the Middle East.


Webmasters / Re: Nairaland Script Download 100% Working by Kingsolomon: 03:04 pm On 2 Feb
Drop your mail

Webmasters / Re: Nairaland Script Download 100% Working by Dandy: 05:35 am On 2 Feb
And me



Webmasters / Re: Nairaland Script Download 100% Working by Gloria(f): 05:22 am On 2 Feb
Dandy:I need it too :)

And me


Webmasters / Re: Nairaland Script Download 100% Working by Dandy: 04:29 am On 2 Feb
Dandy:I need it too :)

Webmasters / Re: Nairaland Script Download 100% Working by Dandy: 12:28 am On 2 Feb
I need it too :)


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